Thursday, 18 August 2011

AyurSens 'ek anokhi soch'

'AyurSens Naturals' for me is not a company, its a concept 'ek anokhi soch'. To me AyurSens is the harmonious blend of ancient wisdom enshrined in Ayurveda with constantly evolving products that delight our senses.

Let me expound on this theme. Ayurveda, the 5000 years old science of life, considers our body to be made up of tissues 'dhatus', waste products 'malas', and energetic forces 'doshas'. The 'tri-doshas' are 'Vata' that influences our movements, 'Pitta' manages our metabolism while 'Kapha' provides structure and lubrication.

Now let's fast forward to our present times where an epidemic of stress related problems are being cured with some truly amazing medical research using complex chemical formulations. Yes, unfortunately, all those pills are nothing but chemicals.

AyurSens is a natural alternative that restores purity and strength in our body. Not through intense doses of vitamins and chemicals, with its unnatural highs and lows, but gently, in harmony with our senses.

I envision promoting good health as much as beauty. It is my belief that lasting beauty is not possible without a healthy body and happy mind. I began this quest in 2001, although the seeds of this dream go way back. For as long as I can recollect, natural herbs and oils have been part of my own personal regimen. Over the past decade, I studied Ayurveda and while I don't claim to have mastered this subject, I became an avid believer in its concepts.

AyurSens is a dynamic team, that is crafting new and exciting bath and beauty products, based on Ayurvedic concepts, infused with pure herbs and essential oils.

Do visit us again, as we will keep this blog updated with our latest offerings.

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