Wednesday, 31 August 2011

AyurSens' Panchtantra - Our Core Values

Our five core values ‘panchtantra’ are our ideas about what is most important to us in our company —what we want to live by and live for. They are the silent forces behind many of our actions and decisions.The objective of reinforcing these values on our website is for us to become fully conscious of their influence, honing our sense of self-direction and ensuring effective decision making in support of our core beliefs.

Our company is first and foremost committed to promoting natural bath and beauty products that utilize the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda.

Harmony with senses
AyurSens is differentiating itself by stylishly reinventing Ayurveda, making it more relevant for today’s lifestyle. We are not in the business of practicing medicine, and while the healing properties of natural herbs and essential oils will always be infused in our products, they will always be aesthetically appealing to our senses. It is our core belief that all products created by us, should always be in harmony with our senses.

Social responsibility
We have made a conscious choice to manufacture our products in a rural cottage industry environment. We take seriously, our responsibility to follow internationally accepted norms for health and safety of our staff. Due to the unique nature of our working environment, often times, we have to extend our definition of responsibility beyond the walls of our facilities, into the homes and lives of our staff. We have been proven right, time and again, that our focus on social responsibility is great for business.

Sustainable sourcing
AyurSens purveys a wide product range for both its international and domestic market segment. We don’t operate a business that controls every link of its supply chain. Instead, we operate a cost effective blend of owned farms and herb gardens, supplemented with a few select partners for our supply of raw natural products. Our choice of partners emphasizes sustainable farming and harvesting practices free of chemicals, and respectful of the communities they support.

Against animal testing
We are strongly against cruelty to animals and will never associate with any product that uses animals for testing. AyurSens will also actively oppose animal testing by mobilizing business and social pressures through our network of communities, employees, suppliers and our customers.

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